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Have  you wanted to get back into reading, but don't know where to start? Or maybe you are an avid reader who never had a chance to read the classics. Perhaps you have read them all, but like the idea of adding unique book printings to your shelves. Bogan Books Classics Subscription Boxes are carefully curated and include interesting printings of some of our favorite classic books and some very cool book swag.

Boxes ship quarterly and you have a choice of paying at one time for the year and enjoy a savings or you can pay each quarter. 

This is an awesome subscription box for families to enjoy together! Also great for solo readers.

Summer Box Lead Titles

• Swiss Family Robinson
• The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
• Pride and Prejudice



Highlighted Beverage Swag in the Summer Box is Simpson and Vail's
Jane Austen Black Tea Blend.

Don't Forget the Swag!

Additional swag may include art, games, papercraft, bookmarks, accessories, 
and more.

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Important Info


We take every effort to package your books with care and love, but if the books arrive damaged, we will replace them. We do require that we are notified with photos of the damage within 48 hours of receipt. At this time, because of the small size of our business, we are unable to accept returns and issue refunds for other reasons. Thank you for your understanding. 


To save on shipping costs, our subscription boxes are mailed media mail and it may take longer to receive your box than if we shipped first class.  If for some reason, you need your books sooner than later, please email us at and we can discuss other shipping options with you.