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Custom Book Box

Our custom book box is tailored especially for you or for a special person in your life.

Providing as much info as you can will help us build a better box for the reader.

To get started, please fill out this form and submit it to us. We won't take your payment here. Instead, we will invoice you at the email address you provide (make sure it is correct!)

If there is other information that you think would be helpful, including food allergies, you can send us an email here :

We ship our boxes 4 times a year to save on shipping and to reduce our carbon footprint. If you order a yearly subscription, however, you will get more than one  book a month for the entire year.


Books of course! Each box contains 2 or 4 books depending on level of your subscription (see form). We also add other fun items to the boxes to enhance the reading experience. Past boxes have included coffee, tea, (depending on age) hot chocolate and snacks. We also include other surprises such as activity books, socks, games, bookmarks and more.


Sample of our Winter Classics Book Box Subscription which is equivalent to a large book box subscription.

Custom Book Box Questionnaire
What genre does the reader enjoy?
Select an item ($)

We will email you an invoice once we review your form.

Thanks for your order!

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