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Fab Fiction Friday Children's Books

I love children's books. I love reading them and I love looking at the illustrations. It's a beautiful marriage of the written word and art. As a matter-of-fact, many children's book illustrators are some of my favorite fine artists, too! This week, I thought it would be fun to chose 5 children's books for Fab Fiction Friday. Here's this week's picks:

HOW TO BE A PIRATE by Isaac Fitzgerald and illustrated by Brigette Barrager

Cece dreams of being a pirate, but when the neighborhood boys tell her she can't, she doesn't know where to begin. She turns to her Grandpa who uses his tattoos to show her all of the traits she would need to have to be a pirate. Together their journey helps build Cece's confidence and along the way, she discovers that she has all sorts of wonderful qualities - especially the ones she needs to be a pirate. This vibrantly illustrated children's book is fun to read with your special kiddo and is a fantastic reminder to children to recognize all the wonderful traits that they have. Grandpas are pretty awesome, too!



by Tonya Shevenell and illustrated by Laura Winslow

This book is a celebration of Maine and all of its animals — just in time for Maine's bicentennial year. Dirigo the chickadee asks his animal friends to join him for his birthday, but he needs their help in deciding on what to wish for. This beautiful book explores all of Maine's counties, the animals, geography and magic of Maine. Bogan Books has signed copies, too!

Available in store only.



written and illustrated by Norman Bridwell

Who doesn't love Clifford the Big Red Dog? Clifford joins Emily Elizabeth on her first day of kindergarten. She has so many first day jitters, but with Clifford by her side, she discovers how fun school can be! This is a perfect pick for all of the little ones starting out on a new school year adventure!



written and illustrated by Ryan T. Higgins

Penelope is everybody's favorite little dinosaur and she's back! This time Penelope wants to join the school talent show where she can show her friends that she loves being a rock star. Children will cheer for Penelope as she overcomes her nerves and joins up with her friends. Ryan Higgins' illustrations are energetic and expressive. Kids will enjoy how funny his storytelling is and you are sure to find this as one of your family's favorite reads. Limited supply of signed copies available at the bookshop.




written and illustrated by Matt Meyers

We always love our time at the beach - even during a pandemic! Matt Meyers' beautifully illustrated Hum and Swish brings the ocean to your home where you can watch Jaime as she builds something on the beach. As people walk by and ask her what she's making, they don't seem to understand that she's just enjoying what she is doing, but she really doesn't know where it is going yet. Finally, a new friend comes by who shares Jaime's love of creating without direction. This is a wonderful quiet time book to settle in and cozy up.

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