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Fort Kent Elementary Book Drive

Image by CDC

Many of our teachers give so much to their classrooms from their own pockets. Last year, we were able to help a local school that suffered a great loss due to an unexpected fire, but we loved the support so much that we decided to make this an annual event.



1.) Purchase a gift certificate for the local school by selecting one of the green dollar amounts below.

2.) You will then be prompted to purchase your gift certificate

3.) Heidi will take care of the rest, including notifying the teachers at the end of the drive to let them know they received these gifts. 

4.) The teachers will be able to use these funds to purchase books for their classrooms at Bogan Books - their local independent bookstore.

5.) If you want to designate a certain teacher, you can do so, and Heidi will make sure they receive their certificate, otherwise, the money will go into a pool to distribute evenly.  

Again, these gift certificates are not for personal purchase, they are to gift to the Fort Kent Elementary School teachers so that they can buy books for their classrooms.

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