Dr. Levesque Book Drive


Recently, Dr. Levesque School, one of our area schools, experienced a catastrophic fire. Bogan Books has been blessed to live in an area where our schools support what we do at the bookshop and we do everything we can to support them back.

With the news of the fire, Bogan Books has decided to initiate a book drive to help the Frenchville school buy back some of the books they have lost.

You can help! With the purchase of these special gift certificates, a fund will be created at the bookshop and Bogan Books will work with the school librarian and staff members to purchase meaningful books to replace the ones they have lost.

Again, these gift certificates are not for personal purchase, they are to gift to Dr. Levesque School so that they can restock the books they need for their students.

For personal gift certficates, please email Heidi at boganbooks@gmail.com